A werry wobbly morning…

An egg clock from Brookstone

It’s aesthetically pleasing, comes in creatively cool exciting colours and has got a lovable design. At the pinnacle of it is the  innovative touch sentitive screen that offers a spectacular display of colours for the various functions (red temperature,green timer, blue clock, pink alarm, yellow date).  The ‘wobbly egg clock’ club is that of exclussive membership for egg owners.

I am the proud owner of a funky neon angelic egg. Like mother hen am pretty protective of my offspring. I have successfuly prevented 8 mischevious hands of my nephews and niece from subjecting it to scratches, water fights and the humpty dumpty tragedy of a broken shell but by jives this little angelic gadget is awesomely annoying.

Having lost the operating manual I haven’t been able to shut it up in the morning. Like a religious routine the alarm keeps going of f every 5 minutes  at 6:00 am for about an hour!

Help! I’m having wobbly mornings 😦

Found this cool Humpty Dumpty illustration from the ‘Humpty Dumpty Racing’ project.

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One comment

  1. He he he… The annoying alarm should loose it’s sound.

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