The trouble with WAYN

There has been a number of writings out there about New Year resolutions and how to go about making one but for me next year is about getting rid of all the things that annoyed me in 2011. One of the biggest let downs in 2011 was my becoming a WAYN member. With a proud number of 18,418,733 (at the time of writing) I’ll be surprised if you haven’t heard of it yet.

What is it all about?

WAYN is an acronym for ‘Where are you now?’ According to their website: WAYN is the fastest growing travel and lifestyle social networking community website in the world. WAYN helps you to realize your dreams by connecting you with like–minded people based on your past experiences, where you would love to go and what you would love to do!

Whats wrong with WAYN?

Credits and VIP status

These two features are the cause of my pain. They are utterly erroneous and a tremendous mistake for WAYN;they both serve a dark and evil purpose of creating a virtual divide between its users (the haves and the have-nots) unfortunately they seem to be the back bone of all other WAYN features. VIP status or credit gives members privileges to certain things that are not available to the non VIPs/those with no credit.

The Quest for The Holy Grail of Popularity

Being a WAYN member there is always pressure to become more popular in order to gain advantage and utilise the site to its fullest. To make it worse there is always a constant reminder that fuels the desire to conquer popularitydom taking you back to school as the odd kid hanging out with the less popular kids in the play ground.

1. A badge on your profile letting all members know just how popular you are. The redder the popularity gauge the better, ‘you are HOT’.

2.Obvious calls to get featured on WAYN’s popular pages e.g. ‘Who’s Around’

3. The nightmare of featured people/ photos


Yes, you’ve got to cough up the money, ‘wonga’.When you ask people to pay to use a social networkug site there is definitely something wrong. While Facebook and Twitter are free one has got to be seriously insane to pay for WAYN.

Of course there are other ways to become a VIP or earn credits as will be seen later however the effort is not worth the benefit, in economic terms Marginal Cost is greater than Maginal Benefit.

The Hooks and Catches

‘Nothing comes for free hun,’ and when it does there is always a catch. WAYN has plenty of baits (hooks) that get you clicking in the false impression that you are about to gain something major just to realize that it was infact an illusion.

A Foggy Vision

Connecting like-minded people is at the core of WAYN’s business unfortunately the ‘Meet People’ function (one of the core features of WAYN) is not as easy as it may sound. Based on the limitations imposed on non VIP’s you’ll find that you can not read messages or find out possible new connections unless you upgrade your account which seriously defeats the purpose of meeting people.


WAYN VIP’s can check other peoples profiles in invisibility mode. This is seriously disturbing on many levels; one you can have a constant stalker whose I.D you can not uncover and then once again this defeats the purpose of connecting people. Thinking about it carefully does it not creep you out? It’s like being on the set of ‘SCREAM’

In all fairness it’s not all down hill for WAYN there are things that WAYN did RIGHT  (and will probably continue to do) but that’s not the point!

When 2012 knocks, i’ll be kicking WAYN out and it will not be missed.


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