A Competitive #Spirit

There are too many skilled fish in the sea you can’t out perform them all but should you really be standing still?

Enhe (Light Bulb)!

A eureka moment happened to me on my 8th breast stroke lap. One of those few seconds when suddenly you get some kind of insight and clarity. I was on the glide position when one of my swim buddies started charging behind me.  He was coming at ‘full throttle’ and I could feel the waves below my body. My arms started moving faster, my stride got longer, my feet were moving frantically trying to propel my body at a higher acceleration and my breathing was getting heavier. I was moving faster my head bobbing on the water surface like an ‘hungry hamster’. I reached the end of the lap. I had won the race. I stood hanging at the resting pole looking at the ripples I had left behind.

When the water surface had calmed and my breathing returned to normal; a thought came to me.

‘Why did I speed up when I noticed that my swim mate was about to pass me?’

It must have been the competitive spirit within me. Yes, humans are competitive machines. we have been hard wired to try and compete with each other what Darwin  called survival of the fittest. After the pool incident I found myself creating the flow chart below.

What it means:

You’re Highly Competitive: If you find yourself going through the flow chart continuously never coming to a stop. You don’t believe that any one can be perfect and so you keep on searching for improvements and perfection.Many people respect and envy your determination and hence may seek for your advice. You are probably an entrepreneur or innovator.

You’re Competitive: If you find yourself going through the chart more than once but come to a stop at some point. You hate losing and always want to be the best. You only search for improvement when it is necessary to maintain the Status Quo. Your peers will want to surpass you because you seem to be an achievable objective and hence they will always look for your weaknesses. If you don’t watch out you will burn yourself out trying to keep up with the rivalry.

You’ve hidden Potential: If you find yourself going through the chart only once. You only look for improvements when external forces initiate the change. Your peers may only view you as a threat when you are finally pushed towards making a move. Although your peers may seem not to have a high regard about your opinions they do realize your hidden potential. It could be that you are too reserved or shy to initiate change within you so try to work on your self-confidence.

You’re Delusional or Lazy : If you find yourself not going through the chart even once. You’re delusional if you avoid going through the chart because you think that no one is or can be better than you. You’re lazy if you believe that you do not need to change.

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