Eating in Arusha- Fifi’s Reastaurants

With my hectic lifestyle I hardly get time to be picky about food and it’s not unusual for me to skip a meal or two. When I get the occasional day off I like to go on a food hunt, sampling the delicacies around town. I look out for new places to explore. This saba saba weekend I was going from one book store to the next in search of books for my nephews and niece.Walking down the street I incidentally spotted what looked like a coffee shop on the opposite side.

“Fifi” Reminds me of a Chihuahua I once or twice met in my childhood. I don’t recall the owner but the fluffy darling’s name has stuck on me.

Walking through the wide doors I notice the chocolate chip cookies prints on the blinds and giant raisin muffins covering the glass windows; and walls painted in cream and chocolate tones.


Looking at the interior my first impression was, ‘I love the yellow lighting’.

The cafe is divided into sections. I loved the cashier’s counter in the front section and that I could see the kitchen through the large open window behind it. I wish the tables were not set in rows which felt like a school cafeteria. However I liked the furniture; tinted glass tables and metal chairs.

I was  in-love with the rear section, it felt like an outdoors-indoors experience. With woven garden like green chairs and sofas, great plants and some gravel in a small trench. The outdoor experience was enhanced further with large glass windows that allowed you to see what was going on outside and a raised tent like roof. There was another counter in this section which seemed to serve as the beverage bar.

The bathrooms are conviniently placed between the two sections. They are fairly clean and have the necessary toiletries.

The menu:

Even though the logo has a coffee cup, the menu has breakfast through dinner entrée. The cost of food ranges from as low as 5000 for pancakes to 17,000 Tanzanian shillings for a full breakfast and drinks cost from as low as 2500 for the fresh juices to 6000 Tanzanian shillings for Italian sodas.

My experience with the menu:

I started off with a mixed mango and passion juice, it is usually a challenge to get this combo right because of the citrus nature of both fruits. Passion juice is my favourite and therefore it’s my criteria for selecting my favorite spots. I really wish the juice wasn’t soo sour because it’s at a quite affordable price. It’s a new place so many of the listed beverages were not yet available. Next, I ordered a single shot cappuccino at 3000 Tanzanian shillings. I loved it, enough foam and just the right amount of coffee and temperature for me:-)

Customer care:

The waiters were attentive, passing by to find out if there was anything else I needed but they smiled a little. I did not feel rushed to make decisions as I was given enough time to go through the menu and was checked on at the right frequency that I never felt abandoned. I must point out that a bill was printed out after every order. It was disturbing because I could imagine how it could easily end up with several pieces of paper, I had two in less than an hour. I still don’t get why they didn’t just wait and compile a single bill.


Has it made my list of places I would hang-out in when I’m in Arsuha. Yes! Not for the passion juice, I will go for the cappuccino and the brilliant outdoors-indoors experience.

Rating: I give it an 8/10: For the easy catchy name, the clean functional washrooms, the great back section design, the adequate appropriate lighting, the perfect cappuccino and the prompt waiters.

It’s worth noting that they don’t allow taking pictures of the interior which is quite unfortunate because a picture says a thousand words.

When you decide to check-in at Fifi, please let me know your rating:-)


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  1. Your food very nice and appreciate all company

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