Eid weekend with 3 kids and 3 to-do lists; Eating in Arusha

I promised my nephews and niece that we would travel on Eid. My initial plan was a 3 day camp but I misread my work schedule only to find out that I wouldn’t be free on the first two days of the expected long weekend. My miscalculation prompted me to find an alternate adventure. The night before Monday, 20th of August, I announced a trip to Arusha for the next day. Having experienced my team of energetic nerve wrecking bunch, I took precautions against possible frustrations – asked them all to write down a to-do list. The combined list gave us the following activities:
1. Go horse-back ridding.
2. Watch a movie at the cinema.
3. Go shopping for pencils, toy cars and a doll.
4. Eat ice-cream
5. Eat burgers, chips and fish for lunch.
Added to that was my plan to eat pizza at the new ‘pizza shop’ and have coffee at ‘mambo cafe’ in ‘out-post lodge.
We then discussed the list and the ground rules whose top rule was, its imperative that every one listens to the leader, Me:-) I checked the weather app which showed a cloudy day with possible showers in Arusha on the day of our travel so I warned my nephew that horse riding may not be possible.
Because of a long night the previous night, we set out late and arrived in Arusha at around 11 am, headed to the pizza joint for brunch but the clay stove wasn’t hot enough to bake so we headed to out-post lodge.

At outpost lodge:(http://outposttanzania.net/)
Mambo cafe has an affordable menu with prices as low as 1000Tshs for the cookies and the beverages begin as low as 3000Tshs.


Mambo cafe grid.

I ordered the soup of the day which was supposed to be zucchini (at 3500Tshs) only to get carrot soup with more than a dash of black pepper,  that didn’t settle quite well with my taste buds. That was accompanied with an order of cheese croissant (2500Tshs) which  was not quite fresh but was edible. The kids ordered fruit cocktails and milk shakes, they seemed to enjoy their orders. After my order disappointment I skipped the coffee.

To be fair for my first impression, I recommend Mambo cafe for their spacious out-door sitting with a touch of African art and welcoming warm tones in yellow, orange and red which complimented the browns on the furniture.


Through the bathroom mirror.

The bathrooms were clean, spacious, with adequate toiletries and a full length mirror.  Let’s not forget the small yet inviting pool. It’s definitely a place I would love to hang out in with a group if we only need to have some drinks and a chat until of course I find something in the menu that impresses my taste buds:-)

We spent 19,500 Tshs.
After about an hour we were off. (Read reviews from other travelers who have been to outpost lodge )

Njiro complex for a movie, burgers, fish and chips.
Njiro complex isn’t a big place but has variety of services suitable for all, fast-food, cuisines, spa, photography…
We got there past noon and headed straight to the movie schedule, dark Knight rises, Ek tha.. (what?) and ice age 4, the first show was to begin at 2 pm and end at 5 pm hmmm… the selection wasn’t interesting and time wasn’t favourable so we decided to ditch the movie plan. Across the road at frangipani garden there was a family event, the barbeque smoke, balloons and flowers enticed us. They had a jumping castle, water balloons, egg and spoon race and face painting for 10,000Tshs each which came down to 5000 Tshs each, the barbeque chicken would cost 8000 Tshs each (Quick math- that would be insane but we were out for fun so we wouldn’t mind the cost). Oh we had to mind the cost, all activities were out-doors, there was a huge grey cloud and not enough people turned up by around 2pm. We couldn’t wait for the party to pick up so we headed back to the food court in Njiro complex and ordered Tilapia and chips and beef burgers for the kids. Not much of a disappointed this time; the Tilapia was huge and had subtle spicing which allowed the full flavor of the fish to come out. The kids enjoyed the burgers so it was a win for Mc Moody’s.  The Tilapia came from an Indian restaurant and at this point, I must recommend the waiter, he was fantastic.


Tilapia and chips.


fish tail


Burger bite.

Next up, shopping.
We bought store ice creams, donuts and sweets as dessert at the village super market. Then went to the toy shop and got a Cinderella and Naruto wall sticker. Boarded a mini bus back to town and headed to Shoprite complex where we bought the cars and dolls.
We came to a hault at Heron investment  for Italian ice-creams, gelato. I like that they gave us a taste of all the flavours we were interested in until I settled for a coconut milk based ice-cream whereas the kids had strawberry and chocolate.


Not a Barbie.

As much as I wanted to take them for horse-back riding which would cost 30USD an hour at Ngaresero (http://www.ngare-sero-lodge.com/), the weather wasn’t in our favor.
The day was over, the kids were psyched with their new toys and I was glad to see them smile:-)

The damage to my wallet was a total of: 130,750 Tshs including transport costs.

What a day!

How did you spend your weekend? Where do you go for family fun?


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