Eating in Dar: Haandi, Masaki

Friday morning, every one around me was busy starting the weekend preparations.

“Why does time always seem to be against us when we need it most?” I pondered, swinging on my chair while repeatedly alternating between chewing off the top of  my pen and monstrously keying in my thoughts. I was working on a proposal due first thing on Monday.

13:26, 13:38! It was now almost 40 minutes past my lunch hour. If winning a contract is from heaven then writing a proposal must be from hell that is what I thought when I finally decided to take a deserving break to replenish my body.

My work place is located at the sea cliff area of Masaki, where there is no shortage in supply of a selection of restaurants and cafes; Mexican, Italian, Indian, Continental, Turkish, you name it. That being said, “what should I eat today?” is still one of the most challenging questions I have to answer on a daily basis making the lunch buying decision an involving process.

I flipped my MacBook’s lid shut, slipped in my Masaai sandals and grabbed my little black purse.  As I passed through the reception area I notified Furaha (our office admin) that I was off for lunch. Today I was keen to try out Haandi Ltd. Located opposite village walk (Clifton plaza) it’s a new addition to the Masaki culinary experience and it happens to be a few steps away from my 2nd floor office.

I took a seat on one of the table arrangements below a shade on the patio.  Surrounded by trees and the sounds of birds I could feel instant calmness after a mad morning. I was the only customer around and the service was a bit slow. I finally got a waitress at my table. She handed me the menu and I dived right in.

‘What is Kashmir Pulao?’

‘How does the Hong Kong fried rice look like?’

‘What is the Chicken 65?’

‘How big is the tossed salad portion?’

I bombarded my waitress with a series of culinary curiosities. Seeing how over whelmed I was she kindly called in a senior member of staff to assist me with my selections.

‘I’ll try the seafood fried rice.’ I finally declared.

And here is how it all went down:


1) Food selection – It boasts an extensive Indian menu both vegetarian and non- vegetarian supported by popular Chinese selections offering a range of combinations from soups and salads, variety of bread and the must have rice and meat dishes.The meals come in good portions. I only managed to finish half of my food and had to take the other half away.

2) Dessert – Haandi has a decent dessert corner serving up Baskin Robin’s ice cream, cakes, coffees and soft beverages

3) The service – the service was a bit slow as the staff members were engaged in some internal matter and perhaps preparing for the peak hour. If you choose to dine here during these initial days it is worth bearing in mind that  the place is relatively new and the pace has not picked up yet.

4) The space – great for business lunch, any size of group dinning, family outing and casual outing. The outdoor patio offers a relaxing natural atmosphere however you may wish to sit in during very hot days and especially if you are wearing a business suit.

5) Price – the food menu ranges from TSH 6000 to a little below TSH 30,000 for a choice of starters, breads, appetizers and main course meals. The damage i sustained was Tsh 13,000 for a plate of sea food fried rice.

According to their website Haandi is an award winning banqueting and events caterer. I can not be certain that the Haandi Ltd in Masaki and Haandi are one and the same but feel free to visit their website here .

My rating: Good new comer, 3/5

I would have loved to have had a much prompt service especially since my lunch hour is limited. Although my order was delicious it felt slightly cold for my taste.


Add soy sauce to chinese meals to give it an additional punch of flavour. If you can not tolerate chilly do ask for the option to reduce the quantity or opt out. especially for Indian dishes.



  1. I went to haandi for New Year’s Eve it was an amazing!!!!yummmmmyyyyy food it was packed with lots of people and the best part was although it was busy but the service was fast… was an amazing experience….sure you guys wanna try……rate:4.5/5

    1. Ammy I am glad that you enioyed your experience at Haandi.

  2. An extraordinary dinner I had on 14th feb 2014….my family didn’t want to try anything apart from haandi so I had no other option but to take them and so we hoped in the car and arrived at haandi! We ordered Tandoor chicken hydrabadi biryani prawns Lasoon (not sure about my spellings) and mugh peshwari butter naan and chicken fried rice not forgetting Hakka noodles…..well, service was good although there was a massive number of people we got our food in 15 min that was pretty quick… Staff are really friendly and the food was extremely tasty! Planning to go for a Sunday lunch buffet very soon. I would give haandi a 5 on 5

  3. I went to haandi for a Sunday lunch buffet and guess what it was @16000 only! The variety was huge, Starting from salads,soups,starters,curries ,rotis,rice and desert! The food was yummy! And I really enjoyed it! I would recommend everyone to try out food at haandi 🙂

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