Eating in Dar: Bluerock Spur, IT Plaza

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I have been waiting for the promised December opening of Bluerock Spur on the groundfloor of IT plaza for a while and they were good on their promise. Finding a place I can relax with company is of paramount importance to me. If that place is easily reachable then I’m all in. So Bluerock has been resounding in my head. But there is always that issue of worthiness; is it worth my time and money? I wouldn’t know this if I don’t try it so as part of a pre-weekend pampering, I gave myself a Spur (pun intended) treatment.

The environment

The interior design of Bluerock is similar to Coralridge; moo seats, Indian paints on walls and stained glass as well as their tools as deco. However there is an out door sitting and a kids room equipped with a play station and a couple of desktops; making it more family friendly in comparison.
The one thing I found particularly disturbing was the cow print seats, they reminded me of a print on an ice-cream I used yo eat as a child; I kept feeling like it was melting on me and milky all over.
Otherwise it was well conditioned and quiet, quite relaxing.

The menu

The menu is big in every meaning of the word – in size, content and price. They offer vegetarian (marked with a white ‘v’ on green background) as well as non-vegetarian entrée.
The price is up to a little less than 30,000Tshs for the steaks and seafood options. I had BBQ mushrooms at Tshs 8500/-, they were well cooked, well seasoned and well plated. I found the sauce used was somewhat bitter and fixed it with the sauces provided on the table.


Keep in mind that they have a separate dessert menu whose prices are comparable to Kahawa cafe, AKS and Hyatt Regency-The Kilimanjaro.

For dessert, I had the mint crumble at Tshs 7500/-. I was about to recommend it to all dessert lovers in town because the potion size is enough for two; I pictured it as a romantic treat until I reached the core. It was overly sweet, the biscuits used reminded me of boarding school grabs in which we kept everything in the trunks until the biscuits absorbed the smell of soap and got mushy from the air. They almost tasted like ‘Britania’ shortcakes. But I must recommend the vanilla soft serve which reminded me of the long awaited Burger King ice-cream treats and the mint flavoured chocolate chips were the cherry on top


The Service

Commendable customer care, I was well received, ushered to my seat and promptly attended to. The waiter came in time with the menu, cleared the table in time and brought the bill in time. It was off peak hours but I would like to think that they will always have their ‘A’ game on.

My verdict:

It’s a couple of days since I was at Bluerock but the mushrooms I had and the overall experience has lingered; I spent Tshs 16,000 for a starter and dessert; despite slight disappointment with the mint crumble I had no regrets. It’s definitely a joint I feel that I can go back to as a solo diner to simply have the appetizers/starters because I’m yet to try the main course and decide whether their Tshs 18,000/- burgers are worth my money.

For the clean space, effort put to accommodate different group dynamics and commendable customer care. I award Bluerock Spur a clean 4/5.

Ask your waiter for available offers/promos. On Thursday, 12th December 2013, it was buy one burger get one free.

Have you been to any of the Spur joints?

Check them out on Spur Steak Ranches or share your dining experiences with them on twitter through @Spur_Cares


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