Looking for ice cream in Daresalaam : Creme Stone

Try an ice cream dessert experiment

At Creme Stone Morogoro Road Daressalaam

Towards the end of last year (2013) there has been a growing popularity of frozen dessert in Daresalaam. About 4 new places have sprouted between October and December 2013. One of these frozen dessert phenomenons  is  ‘Creme Stone’ located at the ground floor of Mehraz Tower in Morogoro Road.

While out and about in town I had coincidentally noticed a new addition to the eating out scene but I never really had the time to pay a visit. Last Saturday night having come back from our usual group dinner with my family we decided to pay Creme Stone a visit to wind down before calling it a night.

Creme Stone Mehnaz Tower Morogoro Road

Creme Stone Counter

On stepping into Creme Stone we were welcomed by the sweet smell of toasted pastry and burnt brown sugar. It is almost the same smell as that of a perfectly browned freshly baked vanilla birthday cake set on a rack to cool down. Caught in the magic of the aroma we drew in the air filling our lungs with its deliciousness. We could feel a rush of excitement. We had finally been to a place where we could experience the taste of freshly made ice cream biscuit which is without argument the best part of any ice cream combo.

We were welcomed by friendly staff and led to a a brightly coloured set of plastic table and chairs. It felt like we were back in kindergarten when we had no care in the world and life was easy. We were presented with the menu which boasted a huge selection of speciality combos suitable for the chocolate, candy or nut addicts, overall an ice cream addicts delight.

At the end of the shop is where the heart of the action in Creme Stone took place. We could hear the sounds of the metal spatulas as they cut through the ice cream on the counter’s glass slab and the hissing of the biscuit maker as its metal plates caressed the soft biscuit batter.

Here is our summary of Creme Stone during our visit:

1) Food selection –No food is served at this joint. However there is over 20 different ice cream combinations to choose from. I had the ‘Nutty Crunch’ while my companion had ‘Brownie Temptation’. As a bonus they also offer sugar-free ice cream selection.

2) Dessert – Creme Stone is a dessert shop specialising in ice cream combinations served up with various toppings. For the combos you can select your ice cream base (any two scoop of ice cream of your choice) which are then mixed with toppings as per the Creme Stone recipes. The downside is that all the contents are mixed together into a thick mixture.

3) The service – the service was prompt and friendly. You get to taste the ice cream in order to make a satisfied decision.

4) The space – brightly coloured  walls in purple, orange and pink  gave this place an energetic feel. The counter was covered with tempting pastel colours of opened ice cream tabs, a colourful selection of seasonal fruits, nuts and candies. On the wall was an alluring display of all the familiar confectionery place in tall glasses; Twix, Bounty, Oreo, bicuit rolls, jelly beans etc. You can choose to seat inside the shop at the comfort of an A/Cd space or  have a healthy dose of the natural air on the outside veranda. The shop is located at Maharz Tower, Corner of Morogoro Rd & Libya St. Next to Mamboz.

5) Price – the menu ranges from TSH 5000 to a little below TSH 11,000 for a choice of plain ice cream scoops to house styled combos. I spent TSH 5500 for a cup of ice cream while my companion spent TSH 9000.

My rating: Good new comer, 3.5/5

We loved the ice-cream however for a combo it would have been nice if the two scoops of ice cream and brownies were not all smashed into one smoothie like mix!


If you are going with kids stick to the single scooped ice creams. They are less messy and full of flavour. I had the Nutty crunch and would recommend it.

If you are going for the combos request that your ice cream is not overly mixed up so that you can retain the flavours and consistency of the various items thrown into the mixture.

Visit Creme Stone facebook page for updates

Creme Stone Ice Cream

Brownie Break



  1. That place is almost always empty, or maybe I pass by at wrong times. I did skip lunch one day to have one of those, yummy!…I didn’t know you are this good at writing.

    1. When I went there it was still on its early days not sure if it has picked up traffic yet. You know how business is slow in TZ.

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