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Coffee and the customer service culture in Mbinga, Tanzania

The first time I walked into the coffee house I was greeted by staff sitting down on the shop’s front house tables. “What poor customer service,” I thought to myself. The staff had never met me before, in their perspective I could have been a customer and yet they were all sending me greetings while sitting on the chairs. From that first impression I knew that I had some work to do in the customer service front. Wouldn’t you agree?


Travel challenge: From Kigamboni to Maputo; selected photos

Travel challenge: Ride in the darkness for a change.

I have been procrastinating about this post for over a month now. Probably because it is not a typical travel article and not a complete first hand experience. It is close to my heart. Forgive me but I have to set the background for what I want to say and hope that this wont take […]

10 Photos that every travel blogger has!

A picture says a thousand words so the fastest and most effective way to review a place is through photography. The quality of the photo is not as important. If you go through any travel blog you will find photos that cover the following themes. Here are some thoughts on why travellers like such photos. […]

Top 5 reasons why city executives need to get out of the city life!

Deadlines, rush hour, presentations, networking and meeting after meeting, to be honest living in the city I feel that I am always chasing time. I am used to the Monday to Friday and over 20 hours a day of putting my brain to work trying to sort one problem or the next. Brainstorming from 22:00 […]

Nickel-plated steel 500 Tanzanian Shilling coin

BOT brings sexy back with sleek and robust When the Bank of Tanzania’s (BOT) Emmanuel Boaz announced the introduction of a 500 shillings coin back in September this year (2014), I was pretty excited. It has been a while since I could look forward to the prospects of using new money and I have been […]

Don’t commit this major sin in blogging

“Last summer my family and I went to our first trip to Africa. I was so exicited when I saw our itenary for a Safari to the Serengeti. We took many memorable pictures of the huge polar bears, mischievous penguins and beautiful seals” Blogging is a great way to share our experiences and with tools […]

Bliss of being Mommy

The pleasures and challenges of a first time Mom


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