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Top 5 reasons why city executives need to get out of the city life!

Deadlines, rush hour, presentations, networking and meeting after meeting, to be honest living in the city I feel that I am always chasing time. I am used to the Monday to Friday and over 20 hours a day of putting my brain to work trying to sort one problem or the next. Brainstorming from 22:00 […]

Sober House Art Exhibition – from a world of addiction to pieces of #art

Out of interest, I visited Sober House art exhibition at Alliance Francaise yesterday. It is a small gallery of paintings, sculptures and other handcrafts made as part of the rehabilitation program of victims of alcohol and drug abuse. I was amazed at the level of workmanship by these youth who were once afflicted by drug […]

A deadly challenge in Changuu Island (Prison Island) Zanzibar

  Cold, suffocating and heavy, I could feel myself struggling as I took the first strokes off  the shores of Changuu island (Prison Island) in Zanzibar.  The ocean currents swayed me back and forth crushing on my body at every crest fall. I was just about 2 metres away from the shore but I could have sworn […]

Street Smart TZ: The ‘Madafu’ seller

The streets of Dar are full of hawkers as much as they can be annoying, I find that sometimes they impress my simple mind. To survive the cramped up city where everyone is on the go, they come up with practical yet superb ideas that simplifies their marketing woes. It can be a good looking […]

Uhuru X Uhuru The Pre Training Preparations: Making Sense of Half-Marathon Training Plans

“@FactHive:June is Rebuild Your Life Month” Wow! Finally got most of my training plan figured out! Yesterday morning I woke up to survey my training route. The starting point is of course my house then I go jogging along the dirt road around the neighbourhood. The route is pretty varied with some areas of the […]

Uhuru X Uhuru: A mathematical formular for a truly fitness adventure

Uhuru is a Swahili word meaning ‘freedom’ or independence’ but this article is not about patriotism. Tomorrow will be the 1st of June 2013. Don’t wonder so much there is nothing special about tomorrow except that it reminds me, ‘we are half way through 2013’. Last night I made an attempt to look back at […]

A tip on how to make Monday blues disappear…

  I always have a hard time waking up on Monday mornings. Like this morning, I pressed the snooze button 3 times. Well hoping that the measly 15 minutes would make a difference to my sleep filled eyes. It’s not that I had a night of partying on Sunday, it is just that the thought of getting up […]

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