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Coffee and the customer service culture in Mbinga, Tanzania

The first time I walked into the coffee house I was greeted by staff sitting down on the shop’s front house tables. “What poor customer service,” I thought to myself. The staff had never met me before, in their perspective I could have been a customer and yet they were all sending me greetings while sitting on the chairs. From that first impression I knew that I had some work to do in the customer service front. Wouldn’t you agree?


Travel challenge: From Kigamboni to Maputo; selected photos

Travel Challenge: From Moshi to Taveta through Lake Jipe

I was very bored, it was disturbingly hot and there was nothing better than scrolling through my FaceBook timeline while listening to my sister’s complaint about being tired of the never changing scenery of the bicycle routes we had already been. I think I may have been unconsciously switched to Google maps or may be  […]

Travel Madagascar: From Tanarive to Andasibe

If you would like to spot lemurs in their natural habitat but don’t want to break your pocket or endure a long road trip then a journey from Tana (Antananarivo/Tanarive) to Andasibe could be the right choice for you. Where to start? Unfortunately moving from one cardinal point to the next in Madagascar is not […]

Tanzania Travel Challenge: A dolphin tour in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar in 24 hours

At the end of last year we challenged ourselves to find fun things to do in Tanzania that involved travelling with a budget of TZS 100,000/= ($55). At first it felt like an unlikely ambition but here is our first travel idea that is about the target budget. A dolphin tour in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar in […]

Getting from OR Tambo International Airport to Johannesburg City in less than $1

On a budget trip to Johannesburg? Find out how you can get from OR Tambo International airport to Johannesburg city centre in less than a dollar.

Ever want to hear the hippos sing? plan a trip to Mikumi National Park

Caught in the endless loop of making ends meet and the foolish desire for the perfect urban life the thought of visiting our natural wonders hardly crosses our minds. We are used to seeing tourists crammed in mini vans heading to one national reserve or some other kind of adventure but that is about it. To break this very sad tradition my sisters and I have decided to visit as many of the natural attractions that Tanzania has to offer whenever we get a chance.

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